Laser Teeth Whitening To Obtain A Perfect Smile 

In this post, I will tell you about my good tips in whitening teeth.


Too much coffee and a bad habit to exceed the pack of cigarettes a day … Here are the culprits :-). Even with my teeth rather well aligned, these bad habits tarnished the glow of my face when I smiled. I wanted to find the most effective solution without ruining myself, and luckily I came across some pearls.


A little overview is needed

The whiteness of the teeth is considered as a reflection of good dental hygiene. It’s attractive. And it shows that you take care of your appearance . A must for any active person who wants to have the best visual impact on others, and a sign of prolonged youth :-).


Professional teeth whitening treatment is recommended for very severe cases: dental laser therapy or lamp procedure. But this is not within the reach of all budgets unfortunately.

Various types of packs to use at home are available online. Examples include launderers or self-contained kits. But here, you must make your choice otherwise beware of oral irritation! In addition, many brands (Colgate Visible White, Crest 3D White, etc.) offer their cosmetics ranges on the internet or in supermarkets.

Note also that specialized institutes or salons have been established in all urban centers in recent years.

Finally, some consumer products or natural ingredients can achieve natural stain removal: rubbing teeth with lemon, baking soda, or charcoal , among others.

I wrote this article to sort through this jungle of offers . But before, let’s talk a bit about the basics if you want it.


A mother and a daughter with pretty smiles

A beautiful smile is a great asset at any age


How does teeth whitening work?

There are 2 large families when it comes to dental lightening. Whether you plan to use simple toothpastes or professional methods, there are only two ways to do this:


# 1: An action in depth AND on the surface

These are the techniques that directly affect the “natural” color of your teeth, up to 8 shades.


Whether the act takes place in a dental office or quietly at home, the background is the same. On the other hand, there is a huge gap when it comes to fare.


Indeed, while most are based on carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, the sophistications vary from one choice to another. The difference is created when you combine with a Teeth whitening Leicestershire light. In a dental office, care with a laser beam or infrared lamp is much more expensive. This method is effective because the laser beam will raise the temperature of your teeth by 8 degrees Celsius , and will push the active agent to better infiltrate. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, go your way!


Another solution is to take the impression of your teeth with a paste and a mold, then send this impression to the dentist or to a supplier. You will then receive a gutter that will perfectly fit your teeth. This will reduce the tariff a little bit in the first case, and much reduce it in the 2nd ( see ProWhite Direct solution ). A small disadvantage is however to report: you must wear the gutter for 20 minutes a day. The good news is that each treatment lasts 2 weeks on average.


Finally, the least safe method is the use of the strips. Here, the side effects are ubiquitous: burns to the gums, canker sores, and so on. The small benefits you will get are not worth it.


# 2: A surface action only

This is the case when you use special toothpastes. In fact, the abrasive effect of the latter is exploited just to remove surface stains. You guessed it, the effect is not permanent since only the superficial layer of teeth is treated. The positive point is obviously at the cost level. Here is the polishing agent that will act on your teeth. It is the same principle that is at stake when you are scraping your teeth with sea salt, for example.


Note that each person reacts differently depending on the technique adopted. Some people will have positive results using toothpastes, while others will need some real treatment.