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The days are gone where people were more attracted towards the diet and gym for the weight loss. The advanced technology is helping people to remove the extra fat deposits from the body. There are a lot of surgical options also there but the most useful and non invasive treatment which is available in these days is coolsculpting. The mechanism behind this procedure is almost different, where most procedures work by removing the excess fat with melting the fat in contrast, the coolsculpting works by freezing the fat. There are a lot more factors, which make fat freezing totally different.


There are two types of non-invasive procedures, which either remove the fat by melting them or remove the fat by freezing them. Fat cells in the body are also the living cells, which are present in the body. Fat cells consist of water and fat freezing treatment works by converting the water into fine ice crystals. But only controlled cooling, helps in freezing the fat. More interesting thing is that it works only on the targeted fat cells, not on the surrounding tissues. As soon as the fat cells get converted into the fine crystals, they get died. The removal process involves the genuine metabolism and the dead fat cells will be removed through it. This process can take almost 4-6 weeks to remove fat from the body.

Approved and safe

The fat freezing technique of removing fat is safe and approved. So don’t need to worry about safety during this procedure. European Nations has approved this technique.  According to them, it is the most non-invasive, successful and painless procedure.

Costs and recovery time

The fat freezing procedure cost very less as compared to the other traditional procedures like liposuction. The popularity of fat freezing procedure is increasing in the people due to affordability and less recovery time. Unlike other traditional procedures, it does not require any special time or recovery time and the patient can get back to the daily schedule as soon as the session ends. Some patients might have bruises in the affected area but they ultimately get fade away within some days. In some very rare cases, the patient may feel the numbness in the body. But don’t worry, the numbness will also vanish away in a short period of time.

Lower risks

This technique is safe, effective and reliable in adults as well as in kids. Fat freezing have very less potential risk as compared to other traditional procedures like liposuction. Therefore, this is also one of the main reasons for reliability on the procedure. A huge number of patients visit for fat freezing in Kings-North Birmingham. Fat freezing, mostly performed in the areas of stubborn fat such as abdomen or stomach, love flanks or handles, thigh, the back area, chest. It also helps people to get rid of the double chin especially men. As the fat cells get dead and they get eliminated from the body, so no chances of reappearance.