Gym and Exercise don’t work what other choices do I have

Gym and Exercise don’t work what other choices do I have

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The gym or the house? Attackers at high-tech gyms sometimes have a hard time believing that you often get better results by playing sports at home. It’s true, some people like to be surrounded by people during their training. Or, they prefer to be led in a body pump session by pretty Sandrine or Kevin, the beautiful coach “who is too cute”. Spend a moment chatting while drinking his protein shaker, it’s not bad either. So who are these fades who prefer to train at home? Few shy neurotics, RMIs who cannot afford to go to the gym, psychopaths?

Sometimes yes. But not only…, if that were the case, would it be worrying, since nearly 10 million people play sports at home. I do not have the numbers for our cousins in Quebec, but I think they are a good million if we make a rule of 3 (there, I do what I can for lack of official figures: if a friend Quebecois has this info, I’m interested). Of course, I provoke you a little by my rotten questions. But it’s true that some do not understand the point of not going to the gym. Yet the benefits are important for your progress, which I will explain just now. But I will not forget to talk about the disadvantages too.

The benefits of doing sport at home


  1. A lot of peace and concentration to gain Fat freezing cryoliposis

As former powerlifting champion Fredric Delavier says (more on him at the end of the article), most gyms focus on the fun aspect of exercise rather than efficiency. Sessions. He also explains that the social aspect is important in theaters, but that being in society does not favor the quality of training. If you do a 30-minute HIIT Tabatha session at home, you can really give yourself 100% even if you have shorts falling on the shoes

  1. The ability to choose the material you prefer

Many rooms choose to equip themselves with high-tech equipment that throws away rather than efficient equipment. We must not forget that they are always looking for new members. They are not brought with equipment used by the Napoleonic armies during the Russian campaign. But at home, you do not care much about the look of the material. What matters is its effectiveness. You know, rusty cast iron is about as heavy as new material for my part, I bought old 10 kg discs whose paint is much damaged. Well, I do not know if you will believe me, but I do not feel the difference…They are not even sharp, so I’m not too afraid of catching tetanus during a session but the material that I prefer and that I use all the time is this:

  1. More freedom and time savings

To go to the gym, you have to get dressed, drive to the training place and change clothes (not to mention the smell).And after the session, reblot! But in the opposite direction. Often, it takes longer than the session itself. Not to mention that sometimes your training will be limited because of the number of people who want to train at the same time. At home, nobody takes you the material. And you train whenever you want, even at 5 o’clock in the morning or at midnight. No but!

  1. Many savings

You can really equip yourself with less than 200 euros. Moreover, you will find the proof in the article on the material really essential to do sport at home. Yes, you can save a lot. Indeed, it’s about what you will pay for 6 months of training in the gym, while you keep your equipment for many years. And I do not count the transport savings nor the time saved…


  1. Better for shy and complexed people

Even so, I could not leave this point aside. Many people do not like to train in front of the world. And I admit, I’m neither shy nor complex. But as I say in my presentation page, I do not particularly like to put myself in front of the world. I understand all those who are stressed about going to sport in front of other people.

  1. The possibility of following a personal program adapted to another sport

As you may have seen in the article on the physical preparation of riders, it is quite possible to adapt your fitness sessions to the sport you practice. In other articles, I will try to give you tips on how to prepare for cross-country skiing, football, tennis, etc. By the way, do not hesitate to tell me what you would like me to talk about in future articles. I am here to help you. Your bodybuilding and fitness workouts can really be tailored to your sport and your progress goals. While in a gym, you often have to bend to group sessions. Read the article that will teach you how to create a fitness or fitness program that’s right for you.