A Supreme Touch For an Immaculate Look: Teeth Whitening

So how are you looking for a devastating smile?

When it comes to Teeth Whitening Warwickshire, I can tell you that I’ve been around the question many times. I spent a small fortune in boxes that swarm on the net (and the word is weak :)). It must be said that with my bad habit of being a little too addicted to coffee and cigarettes, I soon found myself with stained teeth at 34 years old. Like a lot of the thirties will you say to me …

In a moment I will share with you my detailed review of the best solutions. They adapt to almost any budget. But just before, some useful information:

HOW does IT work?
Thinning teeth
Want to sublimate your smile?

You will laugh, but I challenge you to find a valid reason why one should give up whitening one’s teeth …

… (If a dental treatment is not contraindicated obviously :-)).

After all, teeth whitening products are tested, devices are checked, and legislation regarding their use is passed. On the other hand, many of these boxes are now available over the counter. And the tips, remedies or natural tips to restore radiance to our teething abound on the Web.

So, how can we not ask ourselves the same question that everyone asks: ” How to whiten teeth and where to do it? ”

Especially since nowadays, it is necessary to have irreproachable teeth, under penalty of being suspected of lack of hygiene. Yes, any yellow tooth is considered socially unacceptable. Exit the tarnished teeth and hello hydrogen peroxide and gels.

Everyone is entitled to part of the dream. But are some practical tips as effective as a series of sessions in a practice?

The 7 factors of dental discoloration
To answer this question that everyone asks, I decided to create an infographic. The only cause that is not shown in this chart is “old age”. Because it is, unfortunately, the only one which is outside our will …

Major causes of discoloration

Lessons learned after 3 years of testing
Should we absolutely discolour teeth at the dentist’s price? Not necessarily! If you have the budget then go ahead (count between 300 and 800 euros). But if you want a solution that delivers effective results while respecting your portfolio, read on.

The lightening patches, pens, and toothpastes sparkle white dentures obtained quickly and cheaply. Promises that some manufacturers do not always hold, at the price of ephemeral optical illusions and inconvenience more or less passengers.

Between the dental professional and home solutions, remain the aesthetic centers for an intermediate cost (between 100 and 300 euros approximately). Here, the opinions are rather negative because the dental surgeons accuse these bars to smile to lie on the presence of hydrogen peroxide . The craze for smile bars is therefore declining following tighter legislation.

At the very bottom of the price scale, there are the natural methods: lemon for example. Or banana peels or baking soda. The tips that are based on these natural solutions can illuminate very slightly your teeth, but will be really insufficient to detach a yellow tooth deep.
All kinds of whitening devices for teeth are available in pharmacies, online or in supermarkets. Here are my recommendations.


WhiteCare Box – The fastest
With this pack, you’ll have a quick method to brighten your smile without hurting your wallet. You will enjoy the benefits of a professional session for a much lower price.

Your kit will contain 2 sterile gutters, 3 application syringes, 1 activating spray of 20ml, 10 soothing wipes , 1 LED lamp to boost the effectiveness of the product, 1 remineralizing gel syringe, and finally 1 paper color chart. All this to make your life easier when you use it at home. The gutter adapts perfectly to the morphology of the mouth.

Note that WhiteCare contains less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide and the leaflet is in good French. What more ?

All you have to do is take 20 to 30 minutes a day to apply the gel in the gutter, insert the gutter into your mouth, and bite into the tip of the lamp. You will notice a difference even after the first application. Last but not least: the taste of the gel is fresh, not at all irritating to the teeth and gums .